From A to Z. Read time:  5 mins.

1.Research and Analysis.

In order to create the right product for you, I have to immerse myself in your business. I need to understand your brand, your product, as well as your target audience. So, I will be asking questions about copying from the existing website, ads media, brochures, etc. Once I understand what your business is about, I will do an online research myself, as I will need to see who your main competitors are and what your audience expects from your online presence. The research results will help to lay the foundation for the whole project.


As Bill Gates wrote: “Content is king”.  Unfortunately, many start-ups ask me to just introduce “lorem ipsum” text, but web design does not work without an initial well-written copy. Even though I could work without content if I do a one or two-page template design, it would be impossible if we designed your website. I would build out the website architecture and request your content for every single page. Also, if additional content needed to be created or reworked, we would discuss it with you. We’ll determine what content management system (CMS) we would use and what custom programming is necessary (if any). We’ll sign a contract to get started.

3.Let’s Design.

We have completed two steps and now I will create different wireframes – for desktop users and for the mobiles. I’ll explain to you each section of the wireframe.  Then, we would determine exactly what feels right for your brand and I would translate the selected direction and a wireframe into a unique visual presence. The initial design ideas will be presented to you via email within four workdays from the assigned start date. After receiving your feedback, I will proceed to the refinement stage or will produce additional design concepts. Once the draft has been approved by you, I will move on to the design development phase of the project: step-by-step and page per page. I don’t tend to limit the number of the revisions but kindly ask to keep it under 10 per page.


Once everyone is happy with the design, I will proceed to code it. We’ll create a for everyone to see before the site is actually launched. I will develop and test all features and interactivity, fill it with content and test it again. Our aim is a clean code and a perfect user experience.


Your is tested, approved by you and your team, and ready to go. I do offer free 30-day additional test period – we do final cross-browser checks and design polishing. Any errors or bugs will be fixed at no extra charge.