Is  it time to redesign? Read time: 4 mins.

If you own a website, there comes a time when you glance at it and consider “Do I need a website redesign?” When it comes to redesigning a site, there are several factors that need to be considered. Out of all the factors, one of the major considerations is “Does my site fulfill my goals?” If your answer is “No”, then you might include website redesigning as a major part of your current project. Website redesigning might help you towards reaching your goals including enhancing the overall user experience, improving lead generation, and so more. If you are still in a fix whether or not you should go for a website redesign, here are some pointers to consider:

1. Non-Responsive Site

Given the era of the smartphones and other smart devices, it is important to realize the importance of mobile responsiveness for your site. As per a recent study (SimilarWeb), it has been found that there are more mobile (56%)  than the desktop (43%) Internet users in the world. As such, there are higher chances that the first impression of your brand will be likely formed from the mobile view, rather than the desktop view. With an ever-increasing need for delivering the best possible experience to the end users, having an amazing mobile experience is vital to ensure the success of your website.

2. Higher Bounce Rates

The definition of the bounce rate by Google is measured by the number of users leaving your site or page, without interacting with even a single element of the given page. To ensure the overall success of your site, you would wish to reduce the higher bounce rates significantly. This will guarantee that the users stay on your site and are able to digest the content available. If the bounce rates for your site are high (above 35%), this is a clear indication that the overall UI/UX designing of your site needs an overhaul.

3. Confused Navigation

Your website navigation serves to be the lifeline for your user’s ease of interaction with the site. With poorly-designed or not optimized navigation, you would be offering the users a highly confusing journey. Most of the older sites are not optimized properly. This might be a call for a website redesign or some major updates. Keep it simple enough to be understood by just anyone out there.  Quick navigation through the website makes it easier for the customers to understand and comprehend the features you are offering to them.

4. Longer Load Times

Another potential sign that your site might need a website redesign is the longer load times. Long load times can have a major negative impact on the overall user experience. As such, it can lead to visitors leaving your site even before loading. This increases the overall bounce rate for your site. Therefore, you can consider redesigning your site to reduce the bounce rate. 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. I suggest you to keep load time under 3 sec for the desktop version too.

5. Outdated Appearance

This could be one of the biggest reasons for improving the overall design of your site. It is well-accepted that online visitors get attracted to visually appealing sites. A properly structured and well-designed site reflects reliability and excellence of the products & services offered. Visual communication always works better than any other form, it is the oldest method of communication. People remember 80% of what they see – keep your website fresh to enhance your credibility with customers.

6. You Just Don’t Like It Anymore

If so, just redesign. Trust your intuition. Daniel Tammet wrote: “Logic obviously is important. You need to be able to figure things out, to go to the end of a particular problem. But intuition is very important because it references things that logic alone cannot.”